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Welcome back again, Necro.
Originally Posted by JofaGuht
Sounds like the good and age old Nature vs. Nurture debate. Society's values definitely work its way into the education system, but most of us flush it out.
I personally think society has little values left, but it has to do with us flushing them down. But, values lead to taboos, taboos to prohibitions, etc.

Originally Posted by him
El "come up with as many ways to spell 'jofaguht' within quotes as many times as possible within a post" Virus
I got the point. Too bad, I had just came up with two new ways. Ah, you miss it...

Down here, it is not usual for a person under 18 to have a job. I have the chance of having one, but I ain't sure about it.

Also, silly question: where is the name "JofaGuht" from?; I'm guessin' it isn't your real one.
EDIT: Wait, I must be stupid or something; according to the link you gave me to your ymdb list, your name should be Jordan Hyman.


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Nah, you need not worry. I tend to change my avatars randomly anyway...

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