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Stranded on a Tropical Island.

I was just watching my Johnny Castaway screensaver, and I started to wonder; why is it that everytime people are stranded on a deserted tropical island the first thing they start doing is try to get off!?! I would appreciate my good fortune at not having to pay bills ever again, not having to pay taxes ever again, not having to go to some ****e job ever again, having the luxury to sit around and appreciate the beautiful scenery for once in life without worrying what time it is. No more annoying commercials every five minutes pushing crap that only makes me poorer, no more horrible processed foods that make me fatter and weaker. No more cars buring up precious resources at assinine prices making the air unsuitible for breathing. No more people being mean. Life would be as nearly perfect as is worldly possible and they instantly start trying to leave. I just don't get it.
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