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Post lol...too funny

121) You find yourself staring at rubbish cans in the mall, wondering what random loot they contain.

122) On Manaan and Tatooine, you bring Bastila and Mission along when your character goes swoop racing, strip them to their undies and refer to them as your "cheerleaders" when your exasperated wife and/or daughter looks on in eye-rolling bemusment.

123) You have seriously and without a trace of irony, inadvertently attempted to pay for some consumer goods in the real world with "credits" when you in fact have no Visa, Mastercard or Amex card in your wallet.

124) Your video-game-numbed brain registers surprise when your repeated attempts to strike up a conversation with that cute little number in the pub all fail and she isn't still there when you emerge from the bathroom, waiting for the correct dialogue options.

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