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Originally Posted by Kurgan
One thing I realize I never thought about... can a Drain user regain health from an enemy with no mana left? I know you can use Drain on them, but will it do anything if there's nothing left to Drain?
no you dont get any health from a person with 0 force, however, it normally occurs like this...

you are draining someone and since your a good player, you've waited until you know you have more force than they do (based on actions you've both taken) and you toggle drain on (hold key or w/e). now that its on, it will run you down to ~20 force points and kick off, since you made sure you had more than the other guy, he will go down to zero. you will both regen a few points, until your drain kicks back on automatically (if your holding it, or toggled it) and will take his few (5-10) force points back away, giving you only a few health points (5 or so if i remimber right). any patient dark sider will keep just out of saber range and just in drain range til they are full health and go back to fighting, while being 20 force points up on the competition.

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