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Originally Posted by Ferus
I was wondering is it better to play light or dark?
I do enjoy playing the Lightside... I had only one very rewarding experience, but not the only fun experience, which I was a Sith Lord: Consular. If you choose a high Wisdom and (Somthing else, which I can't think of at the moment.), you can unlock a lot of Episode IV,V, & VI dialogue, which matches the relationship between the Emporer (Kreia) and Vader (Exile). However, you have to choose your dialogue very carefully. If you go to the darkside with logical selections, and not just killl everything in site, you unlock a whole new game. Kreia actually praises your downfall, and Visas becomes a sort of 'Dark Apprentice'. You can pick on Atton, and Visas and Kreia watch over him like a hawk.

At the end, it is all about self preference.
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