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Originally Posted by Kurgan
Going by Leia's holographic message to Obi-Wan given to him in Episode IV: A New Hope... is this another continuity flaw or plot hole?

I don't recall anything in the prequels that could be construed as Kenobi "serving" Bail Organa. They had a copule of short conversations at the end of the film (near the end of the war) but Organa was a Senator, and I don't recall that Obi-Wan even ever set foot on Alderaan.

About the only thing I can think of is that he "served" Organa in the generic sense of the Jedi Council "serving" the will of the Senate and the Republic, despite having some kind of autonomy (they also apparently serve the Chancellor, according to Episode I). By by that logic he "served" every single one of those thousands (?) of senators we see just as well. Was Kenobi ever a part of the Rebellion? I haven't watched the deleted scenes, but somehow I doubt he's in the ones where they talk about forming a rebellion. Apparently after Episode III he just dropped of Luke and went into exile there on Tatooine... and stayed there until the next episode.. right?

Or is Leia trying to butter him up by being overly flowery in her speech?

Anyway, I'm just curious if anybody else noticed this...
If you think about it, General Kenobi did serve with her father in the Clone Wars. I wonder if Lucas had an after thought about how to approach the relationships!?!?

Edit: After Thought:: Maybe her adopted family told her tidbits about her actual family???

Another Thought:: Why did she remember slight images of Padame, and Luke has no memory of her!?!?
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