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No, actually I WAS thinking of the island from the Tom Hanks movie Cast Away. Sandy beaches are only good for sunning yourself, rugged coastline is much more interesting, just look at Lake Superior. And I could watch a sunset and or sunrise on a tropical island every single day for the rest of my life and it would never get boring. Every one is different, and they are always cool. Catching one's food is a much more satisfying sense of accomplishment as opposed to buying it with money you earn from doing a ****e job you hate for long hours that make your knees hurt. And if I get hurt, I get hurt. But I can get in a car accident without health insurance and thus be forced to live on the street where I will probably not survive a Minnesota winter. Life is dangerous no matter where you are. Doctors are not healers, they are drug-sellers or surgery-suggesters. With a little practical knowledge one can mend himself. Take Tom Hanks for example. He fixed his tooth, cleaned his teeth using salt water(which no one knows can be used because we are so used to having to buy cleaning PRODUCTS like toothpaste and mouthwash that we have started to lose practical knowledge that is useful). All one needs to know is how to make a splint, sew a cut, set a bone, set a dislocated joint. Anything worse than that and you'll die and thus not need to worry anymore cuz you're dead. Native americans flourished for thousands of years using only practical knowledge and herbal medicine.
Anyway, the point that is lost on you is that quality of living would be higher. Left to himself with only his wits as a tool man can accomplish magnificent things. The very computer you are using to spank to pr0n was created from the earth. Man figured out how to use the ground to make anything he ever wanted, and we aren't even done inventing yet. Everything we could ever possibly want to have is right there for our taking, we only need to be given the chance.
I propose a new reality TV show. One that is REALY real. Me. On an Island. Alone. No camera men, just remotes. I guarantee I would be having a LOT more fun than Tom Hanks had. Mainly, because none of you douchebags would be there.
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