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Left to himself with only his wits as a tool man can accomplish magnificent things. The very computer you are using to spank to pr0n was created from the earth. Man figured out how to use the ground to make anything he ever wanted, and we aren't even done inventing yet.
Many many people were involved in a many thousand years history to create the ability to build computers, and even since then, another couple thousand people helped to make it what it is today. How are you going to do that on a single small lonely island and on your own? And if you really want to do something about the things you criticised, start being an example instead of running off. Noone forces you to use a car or toothpaste, although at least the latter gives you a clear advance with the girls.

Everything we could ever possibly want to have is right there for our taking, we only need to be given the chance.
Uh, chance to "rape mother earth"?

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