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131) Your attempts to create an arsenal of sonic rifles have exhausted your local Home Depot's supply of air horns, duct tape and hockey sticks.

132) You have been remanded for psychiatric evaluation following your attempt to enter classified areas of your local army base disguised in a trash can on roller skates.

133) You have been forcibly removed from a shopping center after extended periods of time trying to remove the restraining bolts from department store mannequins.

134) You have needed violent physical reminders that whatever you may believe your level to be, on planet Earth your "Sith Death Scream" does not, in fact, damage opponents--it merely confuses or annoys them.

134) You have reduced more than one corporate receptionist to tears in your fervor to uncover their company's role in the wookie enslavement.

Originally Posted by Hallucination
Sounds like you've done that one eh?
The cheerleader bit? Heh heh...yeah, that one was a chuckle. When my player character was female, I had her prance about in her bikini too--I called that one the "Charlie's Angels" maneouver. To their credit, my wife and daughter saw the humor in it, although my kid was definitely NOT impressed. In TSL, she was really angry when I had my guy sparring with Handmaiden. It took repeated demonstrations to satisfy her that, yes, in fact that was the game taking her robes off, not me. I can see her now, arms akimbo in indignation, "Put her clothes on RIGHT NOW!"

Good times...hehehehe...

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