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i'm pretty sure it works like that in SP, but in MP, i've never seen drain take hp, unless it was some mod your using. lots of mods tip the balance in lightsides favor, and i've seen many honor servers simply disable every darkside power except rage because they are 'lame'. so to note, everything i've stated is about basejka in MP
So has mine. But, if I am wrong, ok. I guess I confused MP with SP. Hopefully, it won't happen again, feel free to /amslap me if I say something stupid like: "Katas don't root you to the spot!"

I didn't really want to jump heavily into this debate since I'm not really much of a duelist, but when people say "bunny hopping" they mean rapid use of normal jump (not force jump) with strafing and running. So technically the act of "bunny hopping" itself doesn't use any mana.
*realizes that even the Staff, with it's limited range, can reach that S-O-B if he looks up and primary fires*

That's kinda easy to counter, now that I think about it. And, if all else fails, hit 'em as they go up/come down.

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