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nabbo under fire

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We were on board the great Dark Star we were doing the final preperations to take off to nabbo. We were going on a mission ,darth vader has become aware that there are some remaining jedi and rebel outcasts hideing on nabbo in plains, forests and lakes. .okay 3 ..2 ..1 ..TAKE OFF we had just taken off, we were on a emperial capital ship it was escorting us to the outer rim of nabbo , then we had to take off and land in smaller ships to have the element of surprise. okay pilots ready. the squad i was leading was the emperial dark legion a fast and stealthy team. Vaders orders were simple land and use the element of surprise to wipe out all remaining jedi and rebels. are pilot had broken off from the capital ship , we were comeing into nabbos atmosphere, we closed into the landing point and finally landed ,we loaded are weapons and got out.

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