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Exclamation Warning: Cheating

Well, as everyone knows, cheating is to win with impropriet play (in few words). This separates in two categories:

1. Cheating using cheat codes through an in-game control or changing some values at the config files of the game. This kind of cheating is actually allowed and created by the devs themselves (not changing the config fles, the first one), since it can be disabled on multiplayer gaming; in single player, it is up to the user whether or not he wants to use such a feature.

2. The second type of cheating, which is the point of this thread, is due to the materalization of the game itself. This is not done on purpose by the devs, it is based on certain "bug-like" features of the game (not bugs literally) and can destroy the multiplayer (mainly) experience A LOT.

Although i suppose you have already understood what i'm talking about, i'll mention some of these "cheats" found in Force Commander, since explaining this type of cheating is more difficult than giving few examples. So:

a. In Force Commader there was a "technic" (-cheat) called "swap". What was this? You opened the dialog screen and typed "swap"? - No. It was due to the game's materalization and nothing else. This swap had as such: When a group of Tie Fighters, gathered very close one to the other (the last Tie was very close to the first one) would attack an AA gun, due to the fact that the AA missile weren't homing ones and that the TIE's fire range was a bit larger than AA's one , the player (this wasnt done by the computer) would act in the following way; he would go straight to the AA attacking it, let the TIEs throw their lasers and then immiediatelly call them back. The lasers finally would hit the AA, with the last one not even see the TIEs (or in the best situation it would fire a couple of missiles without hitting any tie at all). Obviously, this "tactic" would apply to every enemy. [And for this one, most people would see a "no swapping" message when entering a MSN Zone room for multiplayer...).

b. Another "cheat" was due to the fact that imps were made TOO strong in FC (i hope this is not repeated in EaW). So, a player with imps chosen -in multiplayer- playing against a reb, could apply this "tactic"; as far as the game begins, he would call down 1 ATAT, 1 ATAA and 6 troops (loaded in the ATAT) and go straight for the rebel base. Well, ATAT had it "super-beam" laser charged until reached the base, while the ATAA could take down any early air enemy force. If there was any turret neaby, the super-beam would take its half health (and then with few shots the turret was dust). In few words, this game would end within the first 5-10 mins.

Well, these are few example of this "cheating" type as mentioned in 2., which is not cheating in the literal way but it spoils the whole game much more than the first type of cheating since it is -in a way- "strategies" (for those that cannot play otherwise...).

Obviously, the point of the thread is to report such cheating found in other RTS so that they are not incorporated in EaW.

I hope i'll come up with such info later on.
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