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“Tara?” Mace asked incredulously. The pupil he had trained to go against the Dark Side, the pupil who had never shown a bit of anger of fury on her face ever was now standing on front of him. Or so he thought.
“No, ‘Master’.” she replied. “The real Tara would not turn to the Dark Side. I am her clone right to the midi chlorian. Your student is now a template for the Emperor’s new Sith Lord army. I am their prototype and have been promised high ranks in the army if I destroyed you.”
“Don’t waste your time, tell me where she is.”
“She is presently in the Prison Cells behind me. But you will never reach there in one piece.”
“We shall see.”
Mace used the Force to push him forward so hard that he surprised even himself. Skidding to a halt beside the clone, he swung his saber in a backhand sweep. The clone ducked and plunged her saber forward towards Mace’s stomach. Mace side-stepped the blow and brought his saber up, knocking the lightsaber out of the clone’s hands. She was not bluffing, however, about being Tara’s clone. She jumped back from Mace’s swinging blade with a back flip and called her lightsaber to herself. Mace did not become a Master for nothing, though. As the deactivated hilt flew past him, he sliced it in two and turned to face the clone. She raised her hands.
“I give,” she said. Mace, suspecting a trap somewhere, did not switch off his blade. The clone put the hands on the back of her head; and drew out two Sith AA 25 Assassin Pistols. Quick as lightning, she fired off four shots, and just as quick, Mace deflected them back into the clone’s torso.
“Blasters are the most useless things I’ve ever seen,” mumbled Mace.
He went into the inner cell area and scanned the cells. He soon located the one containing Tara and went up to it.
“Master,” she exclaimed. “Thank goodness, get me out.”
Mace nodded and sliced the control panel of the cell. The circuitry sparked and the forcefield died.
“Where to?” Tara asked.
“We need to help Yoda.” Mace replied. “Where is your lightsaber?”
“The Assassin Droid at the entrance has it.”
Mace nodded and they left. Tara called her lightsaber to her as she walked out of the prison cell area. The entered the turbolift and requested the 100th level. The elevator shot up.

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