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Originally Posted by lukeiamyourdad
Number 2 a and b doesn't refer to cheating, but rather a game exploit or balancing problem.
Far from cheating and technically, it's off-topic.
Some of these "cheats" arent actually cheats. They may be there on purpose, such as the imps being stronger. Thats just the way the game was made, there are ways around one at-at and an anti air unit approaching your base, you just have to find them. This is like saying that because your enemy was smarter and got a bigger army first they were cheating.

As for the force commander exploit, I still dont see this as a "cheat". This is an example of when you needed to implement mobile AA units for your base. As far as you know this may have been done on purpose. In fact, it seems perfectly fine to me, good job to whoever found this out first.

I dont think that that is cheating. Now I will give you there are a FEW types of bugs that are cheating, but usually thats why game patches are released and so fourth.

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