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Originally Posted by The Doctor
Quick questions:
Bastila was from the planet Talravin, correct?
Revan was already "dead" when Telos was destroyed, right?
Did Carth ever give his wifes name? I don't think he did, but I want to make sure.
Darth Revan was definitley alive when Telos was attacked... I think he wanted Malak to go and capture Telos but instead Darth Malak deceided to destroy it. Revan probably reprimanded Malak for that since he wanted the Republic to surrender after a war of attriation not be destroyed outright.

As for Revan... I like to think Revan was male, he looked like one of the faces that is given in the game. Also he was more than a lowly padawan when he left to fight in the Mandalorian Wars. He was probably a young but powerful Jedi Knight as well as Malak. He would have became a Jedi Knight at the age of 19... young for a padawan. Malak is slightly older...about 22. By Kotor they would be...say Revan 26 and Malak 29-30.

Malak was stronger physically and smart but Revan was much wiser than his friend. I also see Revan and Malak as having been very close friends... probably since childhood. as they grew older though thier views where different. Still they both believed that the Jedi Order was stagnant and needed to take action no matter what. Revan was arrogant nor impulsive but he believed in his emotions.... Malak believed in passion over reason while Revan believed in passion AND reason. Revan would pick a lock while Malak would break the door down....

There's soooo much that I theorize about what Revan and Malak where like before KOTOR. I also believe that "The Exile" was a woman... as well as a Jedi padawan who was one of the first to follow Revan and Malak on their crusade to fight the Mandalorians. She was the third in command during the war.... after Malachor V however she believed that the Jedi and the soldiers under Revan's command should return back to the Core Worlds. The Jedi should be honorable and answer for their transgressions. Yet Revan...not wanting to reveal all his plans to Malak, the exile or anyone else came up with the excuse that they had to hunt down what remnants of the Mandalorians there where and bring them to heel. That involved heading into the unknown regions.... many of the soldiers under Revan's command respected him as their leader and followed him. Many of the Jedi also did.... only the exile saw that Revan and Malak where corrupted by the dark side. Man I have so many ideas but no fanfic has ever made them true. I dunno... some fanfics have gotten close but then made a plot twist that I disagreed with.

Hopefully you beat your writers block Doc!
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