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- "Reenervate!" - Lauren shouted and Dobby started moving again.

- "Nice wizards won't do anything bad to Dobby, they musn't be angry with Dobby, Dobby was just cleaning" - Dobby said.

- "Dobby, zat is your name yes? Well I see no ozer 'ouse elves, why would you clean alone?" - Lauren asked.

- "Dobby was just looking at what three troublesome students were doing here when they locked this room at night for fifteen minutes, but they were all first years, they were looking for something" - Dobby said.

- "who were zey?" - Lauren asked.

- "I can't say Miss, Dobby did not see their faces" - Dobby said.

- "Anyzing else you saw? Somezing you found?" - Lauren said.

- "Well no, you see, other than a seventeen year old student who was late at night placing a piece of paper with his name in the goblet, and professor Karkaroff" - Dobby said.

- "Zey were togezer? - Lauren asked.

- "No, he was in first then the student sometime later" - Dobby said.

- "Is ziz key yours?" - Lauren asked.

- "No, that must be what the students were looking for, the seventeen year old student dropped it on the way out, but the other three students couldn't find it" - Dobby said.

- "Zen 'ow would you knoe ziz key is what zey were looking for?" - Lauren said.

- "Because the said they couldn't find it because it was small and brown, that key you have is brown and small" - Dobby said.

- "Zen zat is all, unless you 'ave questions?" - Lauren asked Virgil and Alexandrov.

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