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I also miss the increased splash damage in rockets from BF1, it made the guy think twice before shooting you from point blank range with a rocket, you would have gotten killed in your own blast. Now although this can still kill you, you have to be alot closer for it to work.

As for the magnaguard, quite frankly I would have preferred an actual droid commander... but seeing how that didn't happen... The staff could be cool if done right. I mean in a world of blasters and ranged weapons you'd have to be an idiot to carry only a melee weapon, unless you have somthing to even the odds (like the force, super stealth, lotsa health, the ability to reflect shots, whatever) So he could have some sort of back up weapon, as well as his commander effects etc. (These are a must, after all they are using him as a commander class) or increase his speed with a good amount of health, so he can survive long enough to get too the enemies. It should also be immune to headshots, it would be cool if shot in the head, his head pops off and he is dealt serious damage, but he isn't killed, like in the movie, or LEGO star wars. He would be an interesting unit to play, his style would be a bit different from other units, but hey, it's unique stuff like this that make games more fun, so long as they arn't over/underpowered It would be cool (and in my opinion preferable to the current setup). Or if that's to complicated they could always go with the normal commander droid (you know the guy with yellow markings, the one currently serving as an engineer...)

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