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Originally Posted by JohnLocke
Oh yes, one other thing I have to add to my dislike of the heavy weapons class: mines. NO where near as effective as in BF1. It seems you have to walk right on top of them for them to go off. I've placed them around corners, only to have enemy units go running right past them. And, I don't know about this yet, but is that bright red glow seem by ALL? I mean, in BF1 they glowed, but if everyone (I mean enemy units) sees the same bright red glow as when I lay them, then they are completely ineffective, since anyone would see that and just side step around them.
Yes, the mines' glow can be seen from everyone. However, most units can't destroy them well. A clone commander, for instance, can only destroy one mine. It can only destroy the mine by using its recon droid to blow it up. It is too easy to trap units with a 3 well placed mines.

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