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Good morning! (I hate it to all heck when User CP doesn't show replies)

MP Force is a bit different, you know. Though I do agree to go LS.

the point of bunnyhopping is to move extremely fast from 1 location to another - much faster than normal running, and unless you can strafe better than your opponent, you are not going to catch up and hit them when they come down.
Or... Forward roll ahead of them, strafe, and hit them as they come at you. Not to mention, a quick Pull will bring them back to you, so you gan saber them. And, of course, if they are running away from you, you can whip out the Imperial Heavy Repeater, the Flechette, or any other gun to show them what happens to honorz saberists.

Deception, the best SP level-set in the world, is done! Get it here!
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