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Originally Posted by JofaGuht
Hell yeah it is. I knew it would get to you because of the fact it's such a full and created world. The pilot didn't reveal the killer since I think I'm not sure whether or not they knew who the killer was when they wrote that pilot (well Lynch probably did, but he probably didn't tell Frost because Lynch does stuff like that). The second season finally reveals it but honestly, know that you've gotten to know the characters and the feel of the world its time to watch the film that is its prequel.
I actually heard, that they released a pilot which included a new part with details of who the killer was, for Europe. And when the DVD series was released, they put this new edition as the pilot. Worst, I decided to watch the Director's Cut, with even more details.

Could the killer be Bob, a malignant spirit or something?

I enjoy the 50s feel it has, despite being set in the nineties.

See that film
Two problems stand in my way: there is no chance of me being able to get the movie (unless I try to get it from the United States), and the Second Season is yet to be released (Ah, that rings a bell. Perhaps when you ask me to sign an online petition...).

And, I agree, Cooper is a great character (just a bit eccentric).

Originally Posted by JofaGuht
I think the stupidity of it is that Star Wars is not in the least bit Science Fiction, but Fantasy.
I always thought that as well. But, most people associate Science Fiction with spaceships and Fantasy with wizards; when actually the difference is much deeper. But, IMDB is ranked by the average Joe, and you just can't expect much from him.

Finally, I didn't reply earlier, because it didn't show there was a new message in the thread. Oh, and I got Eraserhead, planning on watching it tonight.

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