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Those who were forgotten

Today has come for the nation of Finland to earn it's 88th free and independent year from Russia, and I'm dedicating this RP to those who died on the battlefields in the Winter- and the continuation war.

This RP takes place in the time of Opreation Barbarossa and the contination war, mostly so that you can play a german, finnish or russian soldier and not just the last two, and the Russians are falling back. The Germans have been stopped in Leningrad and Stalingrad and the Finnish are preassuring from the fronts in Karelian Isthmus and Lapland. now, It's going to be hard figuring out what everyone's saying if they start writing in russian, german or finnish, so I figured it would turn simple by colours. English(When talking) will be written in black, Finnish in Royal Blue, German in Green and Russian in Red but everything will be written in English, of course.
Welcome to the Batlefield, soldier


Name: (Stay in character. Do research of foreign names if you must)
Brief bio: (Optional)

My profile

Name: Tomas Jokela
Age: 23
Rank: Staff Sergeant
Unit: 3rd division, Infantry Regiment 32
Weapon: Finnish M28/30 Rifle
Appearance: Short black hair, blue eyes and a slightly tanned skin. He stands at the height of 6'1" and is usually wearing the finnish grey
Other: N/A

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