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Originally Posted by Redtech
Award pistol rules though. Can you even use it online?
Yes, all award weapons are also awarded in online games (unless disabled in the server with /noaward).

Be a rocket trooper and kill six units with the pistol in one life. Now you have an 'high' armored unit that is excellent aganist both vehicles and troops. The award pistol's shots meet their target instantly like the sniper rifle, so the unit is even stronger than snipers. 3-4 (same with sniper rifle) shots will take out the heavest units and the pistol fires much faster than the sniper rifle. To me, units should not be able to become so overpowered. Add to this damage taken decrease and damage increase, you've got one strong unit that will kill everything else in 1-3 shots, and these shots are not far apart.

(I may not agree with thoughts posted under this name)
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