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Originally Posted by Vatter
That map looks pretty cool. It is nice to see a SP map being made, especially one this good.
Just when I thought there was little inspiration left. OK, that's it. To heck with ADD, this next map is getting done pronto. I will finish the basic archi, which will look boxy, then embellish it as needed so "box" is the last thing that comes to mind.

Actually, I am not building a large box (or string of them) to be the outside, and then design the level inside it. I am going to build it, and shape the outside walls around it! This will make it look like the place was carved out this way; that it was meant to be exactly what it is.

Originally Posted by Vatter
What Jedi and Sith models/skins do you intend on using on your map anyway?
That I am leaving a little open. I made a looong request in the Edit Request Forum, but that was pretty much ignored, even though I placed it in Editing Requests like I'm supposed to, instead of spamming the Skin Forum. Figures... =/ But maybe they just want to not reply until they have a screen to show me. Anyways, I left that open, saying I wanted a "theme", not so much a set character design. Besically, let the imagination flow.

Originally Posted by Vatter
By the way The sidequest idea sounds pretty cool. Maybe you could make the sidequests involved with the Lightside/Darkside choice. Instead of one choice, you could have several like Dark Forces 2 or KOTOR.
Unless a certain... action... is taken at the beginning of Part IV, Jaden will be LS, having withstood the almost irresistable temptation to kill Rosh. Now, he is a JEdi Master. It would take a lot to turn him. But having a sidequest after the DS ending is good. Actually, it would work...

If the player goes DS, I was thinking about having a dramatic (as dramatic as the inferior JA engine gets) DS cutscene where Jaden slaughters the Jedi Academy in Luke's meeting chamber, to show the infinite cruelty of the Sith. But letting the player do that would require less scripting, and would even be fun for the player to do. So, maybe leave that as an option: Go to your ship if you wish to begin Sith rule, and Yavin Runner II if you wish to finish off the Jedi first. Good stuff, there.

Originally Posted by RobQel-Droma
Nice, StaffSaberist. Looking good, I'll have to look for this one. I'm not playing JA right now, but this might give me a reason to go back instead of playing KotOR.
I'll change my sig to a new thread when it's done.

Ah, darn it. All this inspiration and no time, school's starting! *Warning bell rings* *Shuts down laptop*

Deception, the best SP level-set in the world, is done! Get it here!
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