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Lightbulb Happy Geijin's Day

Howdy, campers*...

Today is December seventh, the 'day of infamy' when Japan made the geopolitical faux pas of attacking navy ships at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. This resulted in ships full of pissed off Americans joining the war in the Pacific, one of whom was my world famous grandfather, here depicted doing propaganda work for the war department:

Anyway. Grandpa went to war and shot up Tojo real good, and brought back the samurai legacy for us all as a trophy. Those of us here at Aresen who affirm the samurai legacy should remember well today the lessons of history--our friends in Asia and the progentors of the warrior tradition we call our own were once our enemies. It was only after each nation beat itself repeatedly against the other that respect for the other was finally won, and Japanese culture became a good and beneficial thing for us here in the west.

It is worth noting that my grandpa went to war on Okinawa, and lost his own brother there...but he also spent ten years in Japan after the war, healing the wounds and helping to rebuild a broken society. This is the way of bushido. Peace through victory, then wisdom.

Today I own Japanese swords which were taken as trophies in war. Is it too much to hope that following generations of Americans will collect islamic swords in appreciation of a culture with which they have also learned mutual respect...?


'Pretty swallow cuts,
The dawn falls open in twain...
Sun may rise today.'

--Some long-eared freak with a sword

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(This is what happens when you let a rebel fighter pilot land expensive government hardware...)

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