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I could probably make a few skins. I'm not good at skinning reborns of any kind, I can never really find something to work with.

I could probbaly rig a good Jaden off of one of the Jedi models (yep, dunno how to reskin jaden the regular way.) . Which Jaden would you want it to be? From what I've read from your other topic, you're going to have several Jedi and Sith. I could probably make a few of them also.

The thing is I don't reskin player made models, so everything I'd skin off of would be from the game itself. Also, I have school, and the holiday season is coming up so I won't be able to work on it much.

It has been months since I've made any skins or mods for that matter, and none of my files are hosted anymore, but heres a sample of my last project.

If you have an AIM, just add me from my profile and we can talk if you're interested.
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