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Yes sorry about the Post in BattlefrontII tech forum I have tried to delete it but couldn't find out how to.. sorry.

As to your questions yes I can create a server, and he can join with his valid key. He can join games currently in progress whereas I cannot. I did send him the key and no it didn't work.

However ... and this really pi**es me off ... one of my other friends in London bought the game last week to 'join in' and his key isn't authorized, he has exchanged his 3 times... same error each time and has now got his money back.

I appreciate your comments but I refuse to let Lucasarts off the hook on this, I have now bought 2 factory sealed copies, neither is authorized for multiplayer. I have never experienced any issues like this and to be honest quite shocked at Activisions response... I even asked them for Lucasarts Contact number so I could phone them direct from the UK, but they don't have it (or wouldn't give it to me).

I'm also getting quite a few e-mails from others experiencing the same error who have 'given up' and could I let them know if I get it sorted to let them know who to contact.

So what next.... i'm continuing to e-mail Lucasarts, beyond that given no resolution I fully intend to write to all UK PC gaming publications and UK retailers.

Don't mean to rant but I will not be ripped off by Lucasarts, the strength of these games (Battlefront and Battlefront2) is in the multiplayer Imho

Thanks for you reply anyway >
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