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Originally Posted by StaffSaberist
OK. Lemme do this in MSPaint. I have no other way to show this:



Thank goodness I have Drafting class. I can do this kind of thing in paint. Actually, Raven did this, I believe. They built the basic archi, then made the outer walls around it. So it isn't really my idea. But it is one I will adopt in these open areas.

And you know, there just aren't enough SP levels out there.
Oooookay. Well, as you've drawn them there, both use poor technique. What you want to do is build the level...and that's it. No outer box. The outermost walls of your map (the ones that touch the void) should always be structural, and WILL be your outer structural hull. Have I already shared with you the nibsworld tutorial on structural and detail brushes?

Basically, the idea is this: Just build rooms. Doesn't matter how big or small they are. Generally, when you build a room that's separate from other rooms, the outer, major walls should be structural brushes and everything else should be detail brushes. Building a large box, no matter how it's shaped, outside the map is redundant if you used structural brushes properly (it won't ever be drawn by the engine and just takes up some extra compile time) and detrimental if you didn't and made all the inner brushes detail (your entire map will be drawn at once).

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