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Originally Posted by Insane Sith
He's over 800 years old, he speaks how he was taught, formal speech.

Listen to Frank Oz's interview on the OT DVD.
I don't see how using backwards grammar constitutes "formal speech."

I've often heard the excuse that 'Galactic Basic' is not his native language (sort of like with Jar Jar) so he has some trouble with it. But you'd think that after 800 years of training Jedi he'd have adapted to the conventions of the official language of Coruscant... I mean if Celine Dion can mastered it in far less time...

Then we have that whole scene in ROTS where he speaks properly for quite a stretch. How is it "formal"? He's almost always talking privately with individuals, after all.

Anyway, can you tell us where on the OT DVD's this interview can be found? I don't feel like watching all 3 1/2 hours of Empire of Dreams again to find it (or worse, all 6+ hours of audio commentary), no offense!

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