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Name: Johnathan Stacker
class: ODST
rank: Colonel
Looks: Black Armor
Age: 36
Bio: Colonel of the UNSC's Black Ops. Rest is classified.

"Purple, that's all this damn Covenant Cruiser has, is all purple."

Stacker and his squad were slowly moving up the hall of a Covenant Capital Ship. Behind the lay bodies of Grunts, Elites, and Jackels. Sergeant McVay places a RTU (Reaction Timer Unit) on the door, and blows it. The members of ODST Foxtrott barge into the room.

Two Covenant Elites turn towards the squad from where they were conversing, but before their weapons were raised, two sniper rounds pearced their helmets, and they dropped dead. Stacker raised his Battle Rifle and put two bursts into a Jackels skull, and another three into and Elite's. Corporal Higgins voice comes over the comm.

"Sir, I got a dropship preped for flight."

"Affirmitive. On our way."

The ODSTs move swiftly and board the dropship, but not without leaving a present. The dropship exits the hangar, and an explosion from within follows. The Furry Tactical Nuke had done it's job, and now it was time to do theirs on the planet below.

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