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Originally Posted by RobQel-Droma
^I have to say, Achilles, that the place I got it in KotOR I was in a container if you go DS on the Rakatan upper floor. Unless I am mistake, which I don't think I am.
This is the inventory of p_bastila001.utc. If you go to RIMs>Modules>unk_m44ac_s.rim>Blueprint, Character you'll find 6 files for Bastila (7 if you count the .utc used for the cutscene). Each file has Bastila at a different level so that when she rejoins you, it's at a commiserate level with yours. Every single one of them includes this item.

This item can only be obtained through Bastila's inventory. This website confirms it. Someone please post a screenshot or some other form of documentation that proves otherwise. Repeatedly posting "well I could swear that I found it _________" does not strengthen your argument. I will happily admit that I'm wrong as soon as someone posts with proof.

EDIT: There are four placeables in the top level of the temple:

1) Bastila's ship
2) an invisible placeable
3) an empty container (used three times in the ajoining room)
4) a Rakata computer

Not a single one of these placeables has an inventory. Therefore, you cannot obtain this item anywhere else in this module. Please let me know if you need screenshots of the empty inventory screens for each of these placeables.
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