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That's what I meant, it went downhill after the (rather forced) discovery of the murderer.
Originally Posted by JofaGuht
But Laura Palmer's story was the thing I was most interested in to begin with.
Same 'ere, I think the stories of the rest of the characters are a good satire to the average cheap soup opera, but it might get too cheese sometimes (for the sake of irony, I guess).

Originally Posted by JofaGuht
No, it's the other way around. Watching the second season would be a huge spoiler for the movie, silly!
Tomorrow I'll go to my reliable movie club and try to get (I mean, buy) "FWwM". Is the movie deep, or somewhat as dark as I imagine it to be?

[I'm going to post twice, because the second one has nothing to do with Twin Peaks, but with television in general]

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