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Originally Posted by JofaGuht
I have two, simple little words for you: Joss Whedon. Watch Buffy, the Vampire Slayer and/or Angel and discover that there are some EXTREMELY brilliant shows out there.
Okay where can I begin. Television or TV, leaves a lot to wish for nowadays, for it's mostly full of Junk. You turn on that "goddam obnoxious box" on a random channel; and all you'll see is an amazing amount of sex, violence, blond blue-eyed teenagers with perfect bodies, the cult like treatment of drugs, and other sort of unrealistic things made for the public by greedy producers.
I think that there are two problems with the teevy to-day, and those are, political-correctness and ratings; since the world of television isn't as the one of cinematography in which you can actually make a decent independant film, you cannot put a show without the approval of a big studio. The first, is somehow understandable, as the corporate big-fishes will not risk being attacked by officials of the government (you can't even crticize religion, for crying out loud), so for a show to succeed it must support the ideas of the government or at least, not criticize the president (there are exceptions to this rule; but I'm talking about junk-shows in general). The second clause, is more serious; the simple idea of a great, interesting artisticall, and deep show being cancelled because the pop-culturized population and the media don't find it appealing is stupid; but, I guess it is the way it goes.
Oh, and public channels are even worse in my country. And, don't get me started on the bias of the news broadcasts either (ergo CNN, and it's subjective news).
Take into account, that I simply got sick of shows lately, and haven't watched television on the past months (I watch a documentary or two every now and then; and this programme called "CQC" every Thursday, but that is enough for me).
Quality television is practically extinct, unfortunately, and it is being overtaken by lousy sit-coms (I, however still watch the re-runs of "Seinfeld" and I think it was very good, despite many things), other shows like "Lost" (Ehm, I just think it is overrated), or even worse, Reality (HA) Shows.

As for "Angel", there wasa time when I got hooked on it and watched about a whole season (or a lot of episodes); but it eventually got too weird, and I could keep up with it. "Buffy", well, fantasy is a genre I never liked, and I never cared to watch it; there was this bloke at my school though, who was a huge fan of it.

I hope this doesn't seem as a complaint against modern culture, but (in spite of not turning out the way I wanted it to) it is what I believe. I hope it is well received (no rhyme intended).


Oh, and Eraserhead: two thumbs up from me; I'll comment on my views tomorrow.

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