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Suddenly Janya was thrown to the ground by a Force push. When she looked back a man in black robes wielding a vibrosword was fighting along side the aliens. He knocked down a few Mandalorians with the Force and decapitated another. With the limited number of men Dag had, he couldn’t afford to loose very many. Especially to one man. If someone didn’t stand up to this newcomer he could potentially cripple their ranks.

((He is skilled at swordfighting, and has some Dark Force training, but is not as powerful as a Sith. Consider him an NPC and feel free to control him, but don’t kill him.))

Meanwhile, back on the planet below…

General Graven walked with haste down the corridors of his base. Upon reaching the docking bay he was met by an officer. “They are waiting in the lobby sir.”

“Thank you captain,” Graven said and proceeded to the lobby.

As the lobby doors hissed open a small group of decorated aliens stood around a pair of dark robed figures.

“Masters,” Graven said kneeling at their feet.

“Get up,” One of them said. “Assemble your men and prepare to leave this place.”

Graven looked up with surprise.

“You have failed here, but we still have use for you and your men. So come with us and destroy everything here.”

The two robed men then turned and left the lobby. Graven got up and motioned to the captain, “Give the evacuation, and begin the self destruct process.”

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