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Bit low the Force powers there, C.

Taklin Flax

Position: Jedi Master & member of the High Council. Republic General (retd.)

Age: 50

Height: 5'10" aprox.

Weight: 10 stn.

Eyes: Hazal

Hair: Dark brown.

Build: Slim but muscular.

Description: Although middle aged for a human Taklin Flax appears suprisingly healthy, looking closer to 40 than 50. Although not exactly a handsome man he is well formed and posessed of an air of authoriety and inner calm. Despite this he can have an intense stair which many find unsettling, among those who do not know him well his demeanor appears grim. Taklin Flax has a powerful personnality, a strict moral code and a biting wit, in his youth he was also known for a short temper. He does not suffer fools gladly.

Class: Level 40 Weaponmaster

Combat Feats (KOTOR style): Weapon Mastery: Lightsaber, Finnesse: Lightsaber, Master Jedi Defense, Master Conditioning, Force Fucus, Master (Flurry, Power Attack & Critical Strike), Weapon Specialisation: Blaster Pistol, Improved (Power Shot & Rapid Shot), Master Dueling, Inner Strength (III), Unarmed Specialist, Toughness.

Force Powers (KOTOR style): Master Jump, Force Wave, Battle Pregonition, Stasis Field, Destroy Droid, Master Speed, Master Valour, Advanced Sabre Throw, Heal, Force Immunity, Force Armour, Master Energy Resistance, Breath Control.

Weapon of Choice: Silver Light Rapier (Long-hilt)

Wears: Blue and grey Jedi Robes.

Fly Fast,
Shoot Straight,
Live Long!

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