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So, what you are saying is, that I should make the floors, walls, etc. structural, so it blocks the view. If blocking the VIS improves framerate, I'm cool with that. No need to worry, I will make things like the crystals, the statues. etc. detail, because the floor is the structure of the map, as you say. Things I put on it will be detail. Don't worry about that; I was trying to explain...

Just in case somebody reading this in the future doesn't get it, when I say build the level I mean build all the pathways, details, etc. except the outer walls. Then I build said outer walls. This will make it easier to build the walls; I'll only have to do that once.

Anyhoo, I'll get back into Radiant. I wish I could curve this pathway corner, but, well... how can you make it fit with the rest of the floor, eh? I wish I had more power in Radiant, to turn a corner into a curve. Or can GSC Subtract or whatever do that? Experimentation time! I have it saved, so if I screw up real bad... whatever.

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