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I have experienced this problem myself. I just recently installed a G-Force 4 card, and needless to say I encountered a few (sigh) problems with older games. JA worked like poodoo until I downloaded and installed the driver updates...3 different updates (they were all released within the same month thank goodness) until it worked properly to be exact.

Download the latest Factory drivers for your card and install them....plain and simple. Ninety Percent of the time, this is always the best fix for any display problem. From my experiecne with the Nvidia G-Force Chipsets (and this is only my opinion here), G-Force cards are made to look forward, not backward, so most of the updates fix bugs concerning issues with older games.

If this doesn't work, you may want to consider putting together a used, older configuration windows 95c/98 pc to play all of your older games. I'm gonna do the same thing within the next 6 months. I have come to the harsh realization that this may indeed be the best course of action ( hey I mean c'mon, we all still have an old NES in the closet to play Mario Brothers right?).

I have my eyes on a few buddies' older PC's and they would make a nice chassis upon which to build a nice high-end, low budget Windows 95c/98 PC to play older games at screaming framerates. You could buy, and rebuild a P3 733, or a P4 1.0/1.2 for around $300 and have a kick ass older pc for all of the old stuff. Buy the system for around $25-100 maximum, (Search the classified ads, Goodwill/Salvation Army thrift stres,. People donate them there all the time.), get a video card, sound card, new HD, O/S, RAM (this will be the hardest item to find if you dont have enough RAM) and high speed CD-ROM drive (if needed) for the other $100-$200, and you're set.

A couple of tips here... first, and foremost, don't network it, or use it for internet...period. THIS IS YOUR "GAMING SYSTEM". You can maintain killer speed and memory by not having to use Antivirus, Spyware Blocking, and Firewall. Second, do the whole tear out and rebuild all at once. It saves time doing the configurations and setups once your power it up. Third, Put in a SOUNDBLASTER 16 sound card. You won't need anything else if you are playing year 2000 and back. Don't worry about AWE 3D cards, (Diamond Sound, Turtle Beach), as they are not compatible for older DOS based shooters such as Wolfenstein, Doom, Duke, and DF. As far as video goes, get the best you can for the system you buy, and you will have a butt-kickin' budget gaming PC for years to come!!.

Good Luck,

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