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Originally Posted by Lefty9fingers
Think about it;

You wake up when the alarm goes off to an annoying buzz, or perhaps the radio playing some song that should never have been written, much less played at five in the morning. You only got five or six hours of sleep last night, so you have yourself some coffee or an energy drink, perhaps a smoke. Something to help jar you awake. Hop in the shower, get dressed, snag an unhealthy breakfast and start the morning commute. You listen to the morning show, the one with the out-spoken, racist personality and the sidekicks who never tell him he's an idiot. The show goes to five minute commercials ever three minutes, and most of your drive to work is spent listening to people trying to sell you crappy diamonds with irritating jingles that are way too loud. You get to work, clock in, and spend the next many hours doing something that, should you be given a choice would never dream of doing. Not only that but you do it so long that by the end of the day both your body and mind are tired and you can't possibly do the things you want to do. Rinse, lather and repeat four more times, and then it's the weekend. You sleep in on Saturday so you can atleast get one day out of the week with a healthy rest, but by the time you wake up it is noon, and the days half over. So you do in one day whatever it is you would like to have gotten done during the week, and by later evening your errands are done, and you can start to enjoy yourself. You sit down at the computer and play a game for a couple of hours before you decide to go to bed. Then it's sunday. The most depressing day of the week. You can't enjoy the day off because all you can think about is that you have to be at work bright and early the next morning, and how the hell are you going to fall asleep at a reasonable hour after sleeping til noon the past two days. So you don't leave the house at all, spend the whole day playing computer games so as to make up for lost time, have a few cocktails to help knock yourself out at a reasonable time, and start all over again. For two weeks out of the year you go on vacation, maybe camping up north, a cruise on the ocean, or perhaps to a tropical island. Somewhere peaceful. Somewhere quiet. Somewhere relaxed. You spend the whole time doing nothing but enjoying the scenery and listening to the waves crash upon the shore. Some exotic bird is singing, and a polynesian girl brings you another Mai Tai. Two weeks is almost up, and you've only started to unwind. You toy with the pipe-dream of perhaps buying a hotel, or a bar. Hell, you'd be happy being a bartender here. Anything to stay in paradise. But in the end you go back to the airport, sit next to a fat, smelly man and a woman with a crying baby. The plane lands in some smog-filled, crime-infested metropolis, your cab ride home is full of anxiety as some angry cabby yells constantly and flips the bird to all the drivers who cut him off in their mad race to get to work on time. Somewhere in the distance you hear a kettle drum. Any relaxation you achieved is long-since forgotten, and your only solace is the thought that in a year you can do it again. But until that time you have a few cocktails so you can get over your jet lag and make it into the office on time. You lay down, and right before you pass out you can't help but hope that perhaps the office will have burned down while you were gone, and you don't have to go back.


You awake to the sound of waves crashing against the shore and some exotic bird singing somewhere in the distance. You make your way out of your shelter and marvel at the clear blue sky. You have a breakfast of fresh, organic fruit, so bursting with flavor and nutrients anything else by comparison is rotten. You spend a leisurly day making rope, or thatching your roof. Perhaps hunting. No rush, your only boss is hunger and weather. But you don't need to worry because you are smart enough to keep a food store. You take a nap sometime during the afternoon, but you have no idea what time it is because you have come to the realization that time doesn't bloody well matter and have destroyed the sun dial you made. When you awake it is early evening, so you make your way up the trail you made to the highest peak of the island to watch the sun go down. With nothing obstructing the horizon for dozens of miles in every single direction you see the most spectacular natural phenomenon known to man, save for some rare celestial event. The clouds on this particular evening act as blinds, projecting long shadows over the sea, creating fingers of twinkling lights as the sunlight dances of the waves. At dusk you make your way back down to the fire ring, and build a campfire. You prepare whatever it was you caught that day, or perhaps something from your store should you have not been lucky that day. The rest of the evening you watch the fire, focused on the beautiful display and relishing the comfort. Late evening comes and you make your way back to your shelter, small and cozy. Nothing so large as to be difficult to repair, nothing so small as to be impractical. No more than you need, no more than you want. As you start to drift to sleep you think how much you look forward to tomorrow, and how much you enjoyed today.

Anyone who says they need a computer to have fun is a retard, but frankly that's fine with me. You all can stay here making pointless posts on a pointless messageboard about pointless subjects which will only be read by people who will miss the point. Please, by all means, stay right here, never ever go anywhere with natural beauty, the world is far too crowded as it is.
I myself intend to live life.

I agree with the first part, the second one doesnt paint a picture of heaven either, really.
Mainly cause I could never survive alone. I would need at least one more human (preferably female) to make it without going insane.
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