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Neither picture is a realistic vision.

One shows all the negative aspects of modern life in the western world without going into detail about all the things that make life far, far more livable for us today than it was for our ancestors: Easy access to food without having to worry overly much about food poisoning or spoilage; warm (or cool,) dry, safe shelter from all the elements, as well as from attacks from predators; clean water in huge quantities; proper sanitation; almost universal near instantaneous access to medical facilities; immunisations for many common diseases, and the ability to treat parasitic infestations; instantaneous access to the entire knowledge of the human species... and so on.

The other shows an overly romanticised ideal of what life would be like away from civilization. Living for survival is difficult, unpleasant work. I doubt most of us who have grown up in a technological society would last for very long. All it would take is a single serious injury that leads to infection... if we didn't get sick and die from starvation and/or malnutrition and/or unsanitary conditions first.
And we have evolved to be a social species... total isolation from all other human beings would drive any and all of us insane, no matter how much of a loner we might like to think we are.


I'm also starting to wonder what the purpose of all of the original poster's abuse directed towards us over this is? Are we all supposed to say "OMG Lefty, I've never thought of it that way before! I'm taking off today, leaving all I've ever known and abandoning all my loved ones to live in isolation in the middle of nowhere. That's such a great idea!"

Well, that thought just doesn't appeal to me. Sorry, but our ancestors worked long and hard to get the world to this point, and I for one am going to enjoy it for what it is, and celebrate the fruits of their lifetimes of sacrifice and long labor.

If it's really such a great idea, you go first, and let us know how it is after a couple of years.

Secondly: If we all rush off to live on uninhabited tropical islands, that's gonna leave less islands that are uninhabited. There are a finite number of uninhabited tropical islands that are capable of supporting any life at all... let alone human life. If we all run off to live the "good life" on one of these, chances are you are going to find one of us already there when you decide to step out on your own and do it for yourself.

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