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Zion stopped
"I did train to become a Jedi....then I realised how weak the Jedi corrupted they were..... I didn't want to be like that....I refuse to be a part of something I have no faith in"
Zion looked around
"The Jedi were once pure....but not any more....I may be brutal and cruel but I will clense the galaxy of those who have life but do not deserve it....I am no sith....I am a new breed of freedom could call me a clenser or an inquisitor.....or a bastard but either way I am here to do a job"
he paused
"Have you ever wondered why life turned out this way? The world is not quite what it seem, we live lives of superficial dreams. Live your life and live it true"
Zion jumped up through the hole in the roof. He landed on the top. His red blade glowed. This blade didn't mean a thing. He pulled back his hood. And smelt the air. This was the begining of a new era....and Zion would make sure only those who deserved the live did. He jumped down. This battle was pointless. Zion would stop it...somehow...


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