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'll take away your bucket
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How is the sound of waves crashing against the shore so different from traffic noise?

I've thought about your thread today before I came here. I happen to have a slight cold and wondered how well I would do on a tropical island now. I don't have a lot of appetite and the prospect of having to eat seafood or anything else for that matter doesn't appeal to me very much.

You awake in the morning with massive pain in your tooth. You wonder if it will go away or if you have to get rid of another tooth. Chewing the sturdy fruit (which can withstand the harsh climate) will be a lot harder then. You have to get a lot of work done today. The time before storm season, the animals get rarer. You still have to get your hut fixed. Last time you were ill all the time since the wind crept through every crevice and the rain trickled in. Your last tool was worn out by the hard wood of the palm trees. It will take you two to three days just to fell a tree. Then you're stuck with a massive, heavy trunk. You'll have to make way more rope. You'll have to find a way of making a blanket for those cold nights when even the fire's warmth won't reach you. But you're still puzzled how you could do that.

As you ponder this, you make a bad step and hurt your ankle. The pain! How you wish you had some fermented coconut juice right now! But the last has spoiled. It would be a mile away anyways and you can barely crawl, the ache is so throbbing. How you wish you had made more cured meat instead of watching those stupid sunsets and dozing by the campfire. If wishes were horses you'd ride off that stupid island. What? Never heard of sea horses? Like this one dancing in the sun right now! Are you hallucinating? Touch your forehead, it's hotter than hell. How many days have you been lying here? A fire would be nice now, but you'd have to collect lots of dry algae and flotsam to keep it going.

You're dead from malnutrition. (This is your second year on the island.)

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