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there are 4 factions the HK faction the sith the jedi and the old repbuic it is set all over the galaxy the jedi and repbuic are allies but it can be broken and the other factions can allie and there can be more factions later on in the game

the HKS army is currly building its army on a war-ravaged planet in a secret abandoned military base with a sheild generateor defending the whole planet there trying to make as much droid as possible then take over the galaxy and move onto a next one there goal is to capture all the planets involved in the game

the jedi are trying to protect the galaxy with the repbuic but is not strong enough later on the game there can be more jedis but you can't have them everywhere sometimes on planets you must do it yourself as a jedi there goal is to protect any and all planets

the repbuic trys to maintan peace in the galaxy there goal is to destory any conquering factions

the sith have jedi and soldiers there goal is to try to conqer the galaxy and wait for the true sith to arrive

you will have to post a post with these following things

planet station on:

this is set 4000 years before the first starwars film
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