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Well, I've been thinking about this for a while (not that long actually, just today), and I've got a small theory about Manny's reason for being a reaper (of course, it is just for entertainment purposes, I do not believe it to be true; and I like the fact that the gamer never finds the real thing out).
Now, due to the appearance of the Land of the Living (if I remember correctly), the game seems to take place on the 50s or late 40s (er, avoid the fact about computers and stuff), specially since Casablanca was filmed around that time (and we all know the importance of this film to GF). Now, what happened during the decade of 1940? the Second World War. Perhaps Manuel Calavera was a soldier himself, and he got killed during the conflict. Since being a killing under soldier duty is not considered a 'sin' or 'bad action' entirely, Manny is not aware of the reason of his punishment in the afterlife.

But, I truly believe that the reason for Manny to be in the Land of the Dead was deeper. Not based on his actions, but on his attitude towards life (such as in Dead like me, you know...).

Originally Posted by VampireNaomi
Has anyone wondered why Manny was a Reaper, but someone like Nick wasn't
What do you mean Nick Virago was not a reaper? I always thought he was one.
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