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General thoughts

Maybe i should wait untill it's all up and running properly, but i should imagine those who worked on the site are anxious for some feedback on their work.

I'll go through things in the order i came across them :

1. The intro page - looks very spiffy. I like it a lot.

2. The main page - again, i like this a lot, especially the panel at the side used for navigation. The only bad thing here, or rather, the only thing i'm not so keen on, is the features menu. I find it too difficult to work out what each one is with the graphics behind them (my eyesight isn't too hot). I'd much rather a list of text links. Also it could do with a link to the forums.

3. The Dig History - i really enjoyed reading this, loads of information and facts I didn't know about. The only thing I'd suggest here is maybe annotating the pictures, just a short sentance explaining where it's from etc.

4. The Interviews - well, what can i say? awesome job there. haven't read all of them yet, but i want to pace myself.

5. Ask Yoda - this is the only part of the site i don't like. i really think you could do without it. it's out of place in a site about The Dig.

Overall, very impressed, can't wait for the rest of it to go up.

Thanks to everyone who worked on this.

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