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Originally Posted by monsoontide
Any feedback?
Any at all....
Originally Posted by monsoontide
The problem is of course, the trees.
To get it to look like a forest you need a **** load of these - otherwise it looks like really sparse and not like endor at all.
Hence, the comping time is just phenominal at the moment.

Really, I have to get the enthusiasm to go back through and rework the positions and sizes of all the trees.

Trying to make stuff look like a forest in the Quake engine is a nightmare.

If I could've had a little word to Id/Raven about the way the maps blend into the skybox!!!

So currently it looks like a forest - but I can't be arsed waiting four days for it to comp. (And there's three separate maps now!)
That's funny and a little ironic. Many moons ago when I posted I had lots of ENDOR files for people to use no one wanted them. I think I gave them away to Lindsey...maybe. I had 80% of a Siege map finished. I had ground with tons of plants and MANY low poly trees. I had it to the point where it looked like the Endor forest while still maintaining good framerates. Again, WITH screenshots, no one was interested. So while I lost my original files I think some mapper here has them. But since no one is interested in how I maintained good frames I'll leave that here to die.

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