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Originally Posted by El Virus
Wait, I'm a real idiot. Forgive my momentary GF-memory loss, but I confused Nick Virago with Domino Hurley :P. It's just that since both of them are YOUR idols , I could not remember who was whom; 'Was it Dom who had a relation with Olivia; and Nick the reaper who harrassed Manny?', that was what must have gone [subconciously] through my mind.

Now that I come to think of it, it is a strange thing. Give me some time to think about it, though.
Heh, never mind. I doubt anyone can outdo me in being an idiot. Remember how the box has a picture of Domino taking Meche down the stairs? For all these years I somehow looked wrong at it and saw that the woman had red hair and wondered who the hell had made the mistake of putting Eva in Meche's clothes. Only yesterday I realised that what I thought to be hair was only Domino's sleeve.

I never understood the first conversation with Meche/Merche. It got too strange (in the Spanish dub, at least).
What happens in the Spanish dub? Any examples? Is she called Merche in it?

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