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Originally Posted by VampireNaomi
Remember how the box has a picture of Domino taking Meche down the stairs? For all these years I somehow looked wrong at it and saw that the woman had red hair and wondered who the hell had made the mistake of putting Eva in Meche's clothes. Only yesterday I realised that what I thought to be hair was only Domino's sleeve.
Isn't Eva's 'red thing at the top' a bandana? I never thought of it like that (even though I love red-hair), mainly because they are skeletons (some characters seem to have hair, however).

The box...I lost it...don't remind me of it...

What happens in the Spanish dub? Any examples? Is she called Merche in it?
Well, I think Manny calls her 'Merche' in the dub, but only a couple of times.
I'm quite sure that it is the same with the [original] English version. Basically, my problem was with Manuel asking for any excuse just to NOT give her a Number 9 ticket.
"You haven't killed anyone?"
"No, but I could kill somebody right now, if it helps"
"No, that wouldn't help"
Or something like that...

Oh, and happy birthday!, excuse my 1-day delay (and actually, I'm sure that by the time you read this, two days would have gone by).
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