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Originally Posted by Darth_Extas
With the Terms I do think it is possible that they were somewhat programmed to act on once order 66 was commanded. It pas Palpatine who sent General Obi-won to talk about the cloning with the Kaminoions.
What? No, no.
General Obi-Wan (not a General at the time) was NOT sent by Palpatine to "talk about the cloning" (!?) he had found out that the dart that killed Zam Wessell had come from Kamino, so he went there, the Republic had no idea about the Clone Army until Obi-Wan told the Council about it.

Originally Posted by Darth Extas
So Palpatine could have planned it. As well I think Dooku had a part in the cloning so who knows what he did for the cloning.
Of course Palpatine planned it, he engineered the Clone Wars so he could take complete power. Dooku ordered the Clone Army, posing as Sifo Dyas who he had killed, something like that...

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