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Originally Posted by TheOneMan
I have only one question. But first, compliments.

*drools* o.o These sabers are awesome. Fantastic graphics on the hilts. I'm very impressed! Kudo's to you.

(What the hell does Kudo's mean? It means props or Good job, doesn't it?)

And my question...

Do you plan to make a TSLInstaller for this mod? I really, really want to use this Mod, but I have Holowan installed and I don't think it's compatable with it. T^T This makes me a very sad person and I'm itching to use the Sidious saber (LONG LIVE DARTH SIDIOUS!!) T^T

Do you? :P
No I don't, or it would have been that way when it was released its alot more work that I don't really have the time for. As far as being compatible with Holowan, you can just add all my folders in the download to your override folder but simply don't add the upcrystals.2da they won't be upgradeable but you'll still get to use them.

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