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Originally Posted by Lefty9fingers
Oh and by the way, you're all douchebags, and you suck ass.
I think living on a deserted tropical island would be perfectly acceptable, being something of a mystic recluse at heart. I would be the type to paint myself orange with the native berries and make clothing from palm fiber, then wander about baking in the sun as I communicate with sea birds, turtles and such. I would make for myself a spear from the stinger of the manta ray, and bind the handle with its own hide. Even sharks would fear me.

I suppose I would have no use for a computer, except to wander over to it every now and then and shout insults, then stagger away laughing.

Do you have your sister's number on hand? We were drunk, and she wrote it on a condom wrapper which I lost at the police station.
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