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Hey guys go to and there is a breaking news story about a fan
that insults our own Anakin Skywalker(hayden christen) to his face about
his work on the star wars movies.Boy this guy had some nerve.I myself would
not have done this I myself enjoyed the hardwork that all the actors like
Hayden Chirstien and Natalie Portman went threw to help make the prequels
they really outdone thereselfs and showed what talented actors they are
along with the classic SW actors.Anywho I am sorry that I am on my soap
box but when I see someone insulting good actors like Hayden and any of
the others that put so much hard work into a good clean star wars film it
makes me upset when they our bad mouthed about our insults our thrown
to there faces.Anywho read the article over at you will see
what I mean.Let me know what you guys think about this thanks
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